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The Toilet Paper Pandemic


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)... what they know so far!


Men want emotional adventures!


Men want adventures. This is written in their genetic code. They want to know, explore and grow. There are three elements that help them develop. Men do not like to sit still, to linger. They need challenges! Men want adventures.

Stop! Don't think of mistresses!

Those who choose to have mistresses (and this is a choice) misunderstand the idea of ​​adventure. Their motives are more about immaturity than force or power. Men want another kind of adventure. Not the ones most women think of when the word 'adventure' appears before their eyes.

Men want emotional adventures!

Many women may have been shocked by this statement, but I'm convinced it is so - men want emotional adventures. They want to meet, explore and grow up with a woman they feel for!

It's easy to go sluts! It's easy to have sex and then see your way! These things can be available to anyone. The idea is that any penis carrier can have sex! Any penis carrier can have a little black book, smaller or larger, but not every penis carrier can have emotional adventures. For this you need emotional maturity. And that is achieved by living and understanding. And here I don't think about that roller-coaster of negative experiences. I'm not thinking about those adventures lived on the edge of risk, those adventures that can leave you scars on ... your soul.

No, here I am thinking of those beautiful adventures, those adventures that offer you superior moments, which enrich your life, with beautiful moments and memories. To gather trauma ... you just have to make the wrong choice. Many do this! So many people complain that the wounds of the soul hurt so much.

In order to gather moments that enrich your life, you must learn to choose to love. You must learn to choose to look beyond the hormonal needs. From there begins the true emotional adventure of the man, since the fire of the hormones works in chill mode.

From there begins the true development, the true journey of love.

And yes, don't laugh or dramatize, men really want that trip! I would even dare to say that they all want it, but not everyone manages to get it. I won’t discuss the reasons here. But even with the risk of being accused of generalizing, I would say that ALL MEN WANT EMOTIONAL ADVENTURES!

And this has a simple reason - the need for love is higher than sex!

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How is life treating you? Are you happy?

 Did you know... If you are a healthy 20 year old,you have around 2860 weeks before you die. (Just 2860 Sundays). 
           So are you happy?   I'd   love to read some of your answers...

The Monologue Of The Soul


I miss

I miss,

I miss my playful childhood

where the world  was mine,

I miss the turbulent adolescence

where only sincere and passionate love mattered,

I miss the free thought, when I thought without limits,

I miss the naivety of the feelings I had

without borders when  caught up in the game of love,

I miss my mother's  worried smile

when I was being naughty,

for she couldn’t even frown upon me,

I miss everything I loved and it is no more,

I miss a lot of forgotten feelings,

I miss everything that was dear to me in my life.

I saw...

I saw beautiful masks that hid a lot of aggressiveness.
I saw people who pretended to be humble, "for fear of God," but emitted an overwhelming wickedness.
I saw people proclaiming kindness and love, but they hated it.
I have seen people who smile at you, but when you turn their backs "I put the knife in the back".

I saw people who seemed arrogant, but inside they were good, gentle and warm.
I saw tough people who knew what empathy and unconditional help meant.
I saw poor people who gladly offered their little.
I saw people with their faces engraved with traces of pain that were so beautiful inside them.

Don't be impressed by the looks.
However a man might seem to you at first sight, strive to see beyond his mask.
The character of a man is reflected in the congruence between his appearance, thoughts, words and deeds.


Who was she?According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Though she is not mentioned in the Torah, over the centuries she has become associated with Adam in order to reconcile contradictory versions of Creation in the book of Genesis.


We want someone to hold our hand, but we don’t want to put the power to hurt us in their hands.
We want cheesy pick up lines, but we don’t want to be picked up… for that involves the possibility of being set down. 
We want to be swept off our feet, yet at the same time remaining safely, independently, standing on our own. 
We want to keep chasing the idea of love, but we don’t want to actually fall into it. 
We don’t want relationships – we want friends with benefits, 
We want anything that will give us the illusion of a relationship, without being in an actual relationship. 
We want all the rewards and none of the risk, all of the payout and none of the cost.
We want to connect – enough, but not too much. 
We want to commit – a little, but not a lot. 
We take it slow: we see where it goes, we don’t label things, we just hang out.
We keep one foot out the door, we keep one eye open, and we keep people at arm’s length - toying with their emotions but most of all toying with our own.
When things get too close to being real, we run.
We hide. 
We leave. There’s always more fish in the sea. There’s always another chance at finding love. There’s just such a little chance of keeping it these days…

Whatever... by Jay Shetty

hello everyone

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