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Dont do that
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My christmas wishes (Letter to Santa)

Dear Santa I would really love a
(ATI TV Wonder™ PRO Card (100-703138)) (its to allow you to watch tv on your computer),a xmas card from Mon capitaine,freddy my best friends,chocolate,,a raise,,for my job to be easier,a free shot at boss (for some strange reason its forbidden to me),ok I have to ask this,the spca to go to giftys house to put down her pets (they scare me), did I mention I REALLY wanted a

(ATI TV Wonder™ PRO Card (100-703138)) ? thank you for your time santa I know your busy you need coffee, tea ,eggnog I can run out to get some 4 you :):) (see how well  I can suck up to the big guy).HEY Santa Ive been REALLY good this year :):) (innocent look)