Rejestracja: 2004-12-21
Dont do that
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Driving me nuts

Heres the deal sunshine lol.Cats dont LIKE secrets so um how about a hint on that surprise you all sent me?Gifty told me last night and I couldnt stop  being curious.Was a very nice trick I didnt have a clue lol.Made me feel good knowing I was cared about that much.You guys in Sunshine make everyone feel special:).I cant stop smiling now and um wondering what you all cooked up.I will pay 50k for each hint  hm? lol/Love you all smooches.Had to post how I felt which is pretty excited I admit .I feel very special now andIm very ewcited over what you all did:).I blame boss for putting me in this state of mood lol cant stop smiling and very excited Would be nice if I was told something on this no one seems to want to tell me anything NO FAIR you all cheat lol.