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Dont do that
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What is a friend?

You could be a king with all the riches in the world and not be my friend,could be a superstar with thousands of people adoring you and I wouldnt even glance at you,could be the commander in chirf and I wouldnt lift my head in greetings,could be a rockefeller I wouldnt turn could be the poorest in the world and I would call you my friend,could be living on a lone mountain thousands of miles away and I would rush to meet you,could be a kid in a hospital sick and I would greet you as my friend,you could have millions be the queen of england and be my long as you have real values and true to the pepole you call friends.The moral of this little blog? well friendship means different things to different pepole if you respect meif you treat me with dignaty honor love and caring THATS how I classify a friend not by what they do or dont have or how they look or dont look or how many pepole love them or admire them or their (place,station) in life because you know all that dosent matter one tiny bit to me.I am so very lucky I truly am because my friends are family.