Rejestracja: 2004-06-23
I miss the old times
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Queen's Crown7 lat 64 dni temu
Queen's Crown
New Year's Surprise7 lat 196 dni temu
New Year's Surprise
Sun8 lat 70 dni temu
Od: John
Great kiss8 lat 147 dni temu
Great kiss
Od: _blrkjy_
good night trudy
Happy New Year 8 lat 183 dni temu
Happy New Year
Santa magic box8 lat 194 dni temu
Santa magic box
Od: TimmyC_MFC
TY Trudy merry xmas
Snowman 8 lat 194 dni temu
Santa magic box8 lat 195 dni temu
Santa magic box
Merry Christmas Trudy!
Cheers!8 lat 228 dni temu
Cheers right back to you!
Kiss9 lat 37 dni temu
hi :)
Gentleman's set9 lat 86 dni temu
Gentleman's set
Easter basket 9 lat 97 dni temu
Easter basket
Lily tulips 9 lat 97 dni temu
Lily tulips
Tequila shot9 lat 152 dni temu
Tequila shot
Happy new month of February:*
Gaming pad9 lat 179 dni temu
Gaming pad
Od: NathanBUD817
Woohoo game on :):*
Good fortune9 lat 182 dni temu
Good fortune
Wishing you loads of all the good stuff this New Year!! God Bless you & your loved ones!! Kisses, Zoe
Lucky horseshoe9 lat 183 dni temu
Lucky horseshoe
Gingerbread man 9 lat 183 dni temu
Gingerbread man
Sack full of gifts9 lat 191 dni temu
Sack full of gifts
Merry Christmas! Here I come from P. to CHI! ;D Love you xoxoxox Marta
Candles 9 lat 191 dni temu
Mistletoe 9 lat 192 dni temu