Rejestracja: 2007-02-19
Live honestly, laugh heartily and love deeply.
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Sweet Muffin7 lat 252 dni temu
Sweet Muffin
i love you
Crocus8 lat 9 dni temu
Spades Crown8 lat 39 dni temu
Spades Crown
Od: gelya
Thankyou for being my very good friend Gelya
Sunny 8 lat 78 dni temu
Majestic Egg8 lat 93 dni temu
Majestic Egg
Od: gelya
Congratulations on your win good luck on the tables Love Gelya
Rainbow Egg8 lat 94 dni temu
Rainbow Egg
Leprechaun8 lat 102 dni temu
From GD with love8 lat 134 dni temu
From GD with love
Kiss8 lat 135 dni temu
Sweet Muffin8 lat 288 dni temu
Sweet Muffin
Od: hassankerman
Hi.My dear friend
Colorful sun9 lat 57 dni temu
Colorful sun
Red rose9 lat 173 dni temu
Red rose
New Year's Surprise9 lat 188 dni temu
New Year's Surprise
You're cute9 lat 196 dni temu
You're cute
Cheers!10 lat 170 dni temu
Od: Trudy
happy new year !
Snowman10 lat 188 dni temu
Od: Trudy
Merry Christmas!
Gerberas10 lat 304 dni temu
Od: Rebel_Dug
ty for the help best of luck to you :)
Rainbow11 lat 45 dni temu
Good Luck Judy :o)
Water 11 lat 120 dni temu
Sunset11 lat 129 dni temu
Od: Rebel_Dug
hope you see nice sunsets when you go on your cruise :)
Fruit basket11 lat 161 dni temu
Fruit basket
Od: Czarna$$$
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