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The Vibes - Real World

I'm not one in the Real World
I groove in the sky
I'm not one in the Real World

Salmonella Dub - Love Your Ways

And every time I see your grace
A warm smile spreads across my face
And then you look at me and say
Oh I love your ways

Run - Shihad

And so you run
What you holding on
Holding on to?
Life is going on
All around you
What you holding on
Holding on to?
Look what's going on
All around you

Headless Chickens - George

You haven't a notion and you haven't a clue
You have to know I cannot trust you
Now I know too well your ways
Now I know I'll always pay
So I'll sit in my room not daring to move
Never raising my voice and thinking of you
And I'll try to imagine that we never met
Try to pretend and I'll try to forget
Lets make a deal or I'll hurt you, you know

Starry Eyes - L.A.B.

So you gonna be taken babe
Walk in the street like a super star
The crazy things you see
What's your feelin', oh it's time to change
See all around the world there'll be singing along
To Catastrophe Romance
Whatever you make your fantasy
Make sure it's not a song and dance
Singing now, Hey!
You're Invisible
And there's nothing that you won't do
Come on Baby you don't see
What all of this is goin' to mean for you, Yeah!
I want your sweet water
Your energy
Money for the company
Sweet water
Money for the company
I need your energy
It won't flow
If I try
Taking it too low
Until I die