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Coffee8 lat 248 dni temu
Piotr! Good morning, beautiful Day Kisses
Lollipop 8 lat 250 dni temu
Kiss 8 lat 277 dni temu
Ice coffee 8 lat 325 dni temu
Ice coffee
Cupcake8 lat 332 dni temu
Estou aqui, para trazer um pedacinho do meu bolo de aniversário! Beijos
Kiss 8 lat 334 dni temu
Drink on the rocks8 lat 336 dni temu
Drink on the rocks
Picnic basket 8 lat 336 dni temu
Picnic basket
Coffee8 lat 349 dni temu
Witam Piotr! Milego Dnia. Kiss
Red egg 9 lat 46 dni temu
Red egg
Easter eggs9 lat 49 dni temu
Easter eggs
Wishing your [†] EASTER [†] is decorated with love, peace, joys of Spring and all the Blessings ღ¸♦°✿°♦¸ღ Hugs & Kisses, Despina
Waterpipe9 lat 50 dni temu
Easter gift9 lat 50 dni temu
Easter gift
Feliz Páscoa! Kisses
Cheerful kitten 9 lat 71 dni temu
Cheerful kitten
White dove 9 lat 114 dni temu
White dove
Dumbbell9 lat 123 dni temu
"pakuj dalej" te karety !!!
Cold beer9 lat 125 dni temu
Cold beer
Black cat9 lat 126 dni temu
Black cat
Od: ja_paula
Miłego dnia
Ice pop9 lat 127 dni temu
Ice pop
Wishing you a good month of February filled with love and happiness :* :* :* Hugssss
Cold beer9 lat 131 dni temu
Cold beer
Cheerful kitten9 lat 133 dni temu
Cheerful kitten

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