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Whatever game you play, it doesn't play with you!
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There are some nicknames coming up with the name Venus, watch out, it's not me!
Even because my friends and partners of play know how I am. So, if they pass me by, know that it's a lie. My friends know my customs and my particular way of being!
If ask for tokens or impersonate me with questionable behavior, be wary.
It may be a coincidence, but it is good to be attentive, especially to questionable behaviors, which have nothing to do with me.
And never give "chips". Even because (VENUS) I WOULD NEVER ASK!

If you didn't see it, you didn't hear it from me, don't spread it! It is a lie and you are responsible for it! Just say what you can see and look with your eyes and hear with your ears!

It is sad to recognize that values no longer exist. Or they are no longer practiced!
Unfortunately, the bad becomes good, and the good is always bad, when you don't join a particular group. We are judged even without knowing each other. And if you choose not to participate in any group, if you don't agree with a certain situation, then you are excluded. You are not judged for your actions.
It's simple, if you are willing to agree, say "yes" always and weave elegance all the time, you are good!
However, if you are the silent, discreet type, selective and always alert, then you are not fit!
Anyway .......................... inverted principles and values!




Czego nie lubię
Cowardly people! Ingratitude!