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Urodziny: 1981-08-11
Rejestracja: 2007-09-07
Let go of what you are told to believe and you will know longer need to believe.... god is the reason why we kill each other
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I'm human so i think im realy importent so much i think earth its self is less importent and take and never give and think nukes solve problems not make problems worse and believe the TV lol break free from the TV the people running the world are making all of us look bad like they are, TV off and your eyes open and use them you'll see the dirt for ya self, Being alive isnt good enuff for people with power and money you can buy a fake smile and fake happiness next a fake VR life with 5G frying you and everything else. 5G fast internet yeah while killing you and everything else isnt the internet allready fast enuff wtf is wrong here havent we allready killed and wiped out enuff we have no say in what kind of things die for sport or fun sport is ment to be fair game whats fair about killing an animal that doesnt know you are there with a rifle with a scope aimed at its face and call it sport or a fun hobby yeah if you hate life just go end you own not something else. do your own thinking dont let media think for you like sheep with less freedom so the higher up the person is the more chance they lie for their own gain. We are better than this just by thinking we have no more right to be here than other life and we become who we are meant to be and not be what we are told like we are from a young age the mind is not as limited as we get told im in the uk but im not from a country im from earth,country = war and being all from earth we have no reason for war or even the word it become pointless and we see its pointlessness.
many things lol... i love all things that dont end life and hot women being a fan of not killing stuff doesnt mean i cant be a man slag haha
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comando, terminator 2, predator, ace ventura, ace ventura 2 and some others lol
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i just listen im not one to get all in to the song and feel the words flow and all that BS country n westen and all that crap makes me wanna be deaf and all chart music is crap
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Why read when you can just watch the movie
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Smoking Weed, DH MTB, Munchies, Hotties, Gaming, Perving lol
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Islamic state and anything else thats forced uppon people