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TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Joined Ganymede (Gamedesire): April 4, 2006! Over 17 years! An Original!
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Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro

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My name is Shelby Lee, I am 28 years of age, I live in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA). I have 3 beautiful Boy's, and a girl on the way, there is Kayden Lee 7 years of age, Riley Eli 6 years of age, and Skyllar Rocky Boone at 5 years old. I am engaged to the Love of my Life Renee Danielle! . I have been here on Game Desire since April 2006, still the best Poker/Pool game out there. If you have any other questions, or concerns please feel free to message me. Have a wonderful day!
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Too many to name off lol
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I like all kinds of Music!
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Don't have a Favorite.
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I like to learn about a little of everything, and I personally "LOVE" being a father to my Boy's.
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