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Ban da Chetaz

I was a beta tester for yahoo pool.
Firstly as soon as it became public, we had the crackers stealing id's and running the ladder for themselves.
Reset day every three months they used to hang around for hours as the longer you are sitting in a room the higher your rung.
However they would either lag server so people got logged out or booted.
Some of these cretins would have thousands of id's logged in.
I told yahoo to just ban more than one i.p. at a time and was ignored.
This was exactly the same with respect to dominoes.
I used yahoo in 1995, when they first started in the May in San Fransisco.
So was disappointed that yahoo allowed this.
They once had yahoo monitors.
Yahoo recently closed their chat rooms.
Yahoo used to allow people to create their own room and this was mainly done by paedophiles and perverts.
Now we have this new games, I enjoy pool, prefer how it was at yahoo, nice to see snooker, I would email yahoo games weekly asking them to produce java snooker, got ignored.
However, we now have users here with aimers and rocket breaks.
These apart from the racist, homophobic, antisemitic rants from morons infuriated users of the previous pool as it made a mockery of the game.
I got red id's from hard work and probably would had got a bigger score than 2203 if I played in fair games.
I think we should here have a block function so I don't end up playing people I suspect of cheating.
I have had rocket breakers play me and the only one I lost to, due to his/her antics (rocket break) crashed shockwave which meant I lost.
Admins here refunded me + 5,000 extra, thank you much appreciated.
I would like to see a grid of balls in 9-ball pool also as us with colour blindness find it difficult to see balls when on their side hiding number.
I would like to be able to change the nominated ball colour in snooker.
So if I chose pink, then fancy the green, then would be nice to be able to change.
I want the no aimer back in pool 5,000, as I had a slight advantage.
Those with 3,000,000 cues play the 25,000 version, I don't have the tokens to lose.
I would also like to see mini tables in tournaments rather than the line of balls being potted, make it more interesting.
So down the right hand side of the screen as you look at it a line of three tables, then one.

Ladders, I got to 13 in dominoes and 16 in pool.