Rejestracja: 2007-11-01
Once you start thinking you have nothing left to learn, you have everything to learn.
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Hello everyone,

My name is Lucas and I am from Poland. I was born in the 80s (please listen to this great tune down below). I am playing Poker Texas here at Game Desire from over 13 years and I am a winning player :) Big changes are coming in my life. It's time to change and try something new.  I think It's time to play in another poker room for real $. It will be a really big chalange for me and I really wanna try it and check my poker skill. I am very grateful to Game Desire for this 13 years of great adventure with Poker Texas which started here. I will still playing here but not so much like so far. My new big chalenge probably start in next month. Please stay in tune if you are interested because I will be share with You from time to time how is my challenge going.



Regards for everyone,