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"Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser" Rockne
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Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro
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Omaha Saloon

Omaha Saloon

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Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro

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I am a Knight of the Garter, privateer captain and formidable force that enjoys being reckoned with.
Reading, fishing, throwing darts, archery, thumb wrestling and cooking
Ulubione filmy
if it's got swords, battle axes, naval cannons, fast cars and loose women in them they are my favorites.
Ulubiona muzyka
classic rock, reggae, big band swing and heavy metal
Ulubione książki
Koontz, King, Clancy, Schuler, Cromwell
Co lubię
wet women, intelligent people, loyal friends and pets
Czego nie lubię
Know-it-alls, losers, people who give up and pre flop all in flakes. Learn what to fold:

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