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Dont do that
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My new nephew (Little Wolf)

Conner William born 6/30/2006 to the proud parents of Jerry and tracy.Brothers mike and Brady are overjoyed they finnaly have someone to pick on.tHRILLED aunts connie and tammy welcome the new member  joyously.Little wolf this oldwolf is very proud to see you join our family.I LOVE YOU hon welcome home.

For a friend

What would YOU do for a friend,What would you give up,how would you show someone what you mean to them?,Who is that friend you would do all this for?

Who do you look up to

Who is your hero and why?.

Gamedesire owners and staff

I am suncatcher (Cat) to all my friends.I have been informed you have a new game called kittens.Now Im offended to high heaven you have a game in gd that involves shooting kittens.I am shocked.Why those poor kittens are very close kin to me and I MUST object and try to protect those innocent souls.YOU MUST make a gd law protecting those innocent babies of mine.I will be on strike until that law is passed and those kittens are put on the endangered list.             not a very happy Cat (shows her fangs and claws and hisses)


To all that care

Hi guys just have a few things to say.I know everyones noticed Im not in lobbys and a few of you know why.What I will say here is I just need time away.I will always be around you might just not know it.Right now I want to thank gifty ice mage  and tass for being there for me.I know if I ever need to talk or anything I have someone to go to .I know im never alone tho sometimes i may feel that way im really not. .Not feeling up to much lately.Tonight I was feeling better then i have in weeks just not sure if it will last.So im posting this now when im up to it.I love everyone in sunshine please dont forget me ok.I might not always be in the mood to chat or joke plz dont take offence when Im not.smooches all