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Dont do that
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Happy birthday gifty

Wishing you all that you dream of.Hope you get to let loose today my friend.I know you sure need that.Have a great day an awesome and memarble year.I am very lucky to call you friend.Have a special day we all are looking forward to you telling us how old you are :) smoochesssss happy birthday my friend

Gamedesire Team

Thank you for readding new notes back.I liked seeing them.Nice job on listening to us the players.Im sure your have quite alot of very happy players at this new turn:)smooches from the cat.


The stories are in.After carefull review I have picked the winner on the Gifty stores.Ive finally narrowed it down  to kevins post as the winner .Wtg kev on 100k.Honorable mentions are icebabys ,tricia,gifts,nicoles and tassies.Please go look at them they are wonderfull stories:).Thank you to all that posted.Great job to all.

HEY POP I remember you (passed away April 1st 2003)

Going to the drive ins
You teaching me life lessons
Seeing if I was ok after I got hurt
Quiet nights watching tv

Buying me a german sheppard pup for my birthday

Introducing me to sardines(to my moms horror)

Allowance day

You walking in the door
Surprising us kids with a box of donuts
Outings with just you and I

Being taken out to dinner

You bringing us happy meals

Taking us to Dairy Queen

 Christmas as a child

Thinking you were superman and fully believing that fact

Easter day

Special birthdays

Teaching me to fish

Taking us camping

Country drives

Going to the beach and you buying us those silly beach balls

Gamedesire Team

I wanted to post this to say thank you very much.We all are overjoyed at the  news.I got the news today and was dancing:).You made alot of people very happy.Thanks alot smoochesssssssssss.Keep up the good work.Btw your just made alot of new friends:) me included.