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Best Friends

Looking back through the years,
I can't believe how long
We have been best friends,
Through good times and bad.

When I needed someone to cry,
With me and laugh together
Give me a shoulder to lean on,
And a hug to make me feel better.

You know how true it is,
When you know that no matter what
Happens or goes on down the road,
That there will always be best friends.

So as time passes and days go by,
Just remember that when you need me
That no matter what time or place,
I will always be there by your side, my best friend

A wolf

Has a secret for Sunshine.

In the stars

The wolf is seen to return this coming week.Warn the Sunshine Hosts.

Giftys profile

Oh really cute mon capitaine walks away muttering and throwing gift dirty looks.

A wolf prophecy

I prophecize a wolf will soon return much to the joy of her pack mates:).I will bring gifts (meat) as a offering to my pack as a sign of my joy at returning.I hope all are ready for the returning wolf,prepare yourselfs..My return was proclaimed by the wolf god eons ago all the packs waited in awe.I AM TO RETURN all prepare for the comming of the wolf